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Originally posted by razorace
. . . . . . . As for saber throw, it'll probably remove in the game as a "force power", and will be like physically throwing the saber with a bit of force power thrown in exactly like Vader in RotJ. The flight path will be like a very big throwing knife (since the blade has no mass). There will be no auto return and you'll have to retreive your blade like you have to in SP.
Well, I don't disagree with the idea as it makes for a great compromise for everyone. Good thinking!

Although, you may also remember that in the movies Darth Vader was also known for force launching crates and other large objects at Luke. Even in the single player missions you visit the academy and see padawans force pushing/pulling massive stones.

My point is that if a jedi/sith can hurl and control large objects (i.e. Yoda lifting an X-Wing) then manipulating a sabre in flight isn't that much of a stretch of the imagination.

What we're really dealing with IMHO are those who are just whining about being hit. If we added the ability to launch large objects and crush our enemies, people would beg for that to be removed as well, despite it being closer to the films.

This is simply a case of the "squeeky wheel getting the greese". In Jedi plus mod you can actually knock the sabre to the ground off of your opponents toss. I think this is the right direction... more efforts on defence and less on how to stop tossing.

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