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Irvine: "Hmm. Either a Ghost or someone whom likes to play tricks very well. I understand your applogy, still neither the less both parties have some applogises to extend."

*Irvine pauses for a second.*

Irvine: "Kur was one of my best friends."

*Irvine follows Flax, atempting to recover his feelings.*

Irvine: *to flax and sophae* "The second objective to my visit for a possible 'truce' between our factions. Not that admittingly that ours does not have the amount of rescources and manpower like the your republic. But its best believed that even minor truce and lead to a freindship. And for this I act as a sole diplomatic ambassador for my people."


*Fused Irvine surveys the soundings around him. He sees old furances and crop tools.*

Fused Irvine: 'Looks like some type of historical place, showing off what it was like on planets wiht limited techonoly.' *Sees an old scythe.* 'Ah, what do we here.'

*He picks up the scythe, seemly it still is in prefect condition. He stares into it.*


*laying i'll in his bed, looking outside feebley. A child sees long grassy plains. A doctor comes in and checks on him. He gives a look of disappointment.*

*The doctor leaves, and goes to Ivan.*

Doctor: "The Disease is genetic. Although yours and my DNA aren't effected by the disease. Others are, its very rare. I'm sorry, but the are of your mother and father, there is no chance for them to survive. As for the rest of your family, it seems like-wise for them, reguardless of thier age."

*Ivan remains quiet. But he walks into the child's room. He sees the child's beautiful red hair already begun to lose its color in some strains, the typical known stage of the disease. The child continues to look outside, now someone cutting the long grass with a long curved blade attached to the end of an even longer curved staff.*


Fused Irvine: *with blank expression, still staring at the scythe.* "We should have died of that disease..."

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