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Vertmor: "Driver, head to the south end of the city. There would be a tower hidden with in the peaks." *To K'Warra* "Hold on Gargolye, we still have to find Uma first, then she'll give us the information you need."


*A female vampire streches and groans with her more evolved body. She flexes and extends here newly gained wings. This done while someone watches.*

Uma: "Ugnn, mmmm. Vorador, nice to see you. Mmmm" *Continues to strech*

Vorador: "Uma, Vertmor and a few others following him are about to come seeking information on Kvana Klare's aprentence."

Uma: "Kvana is apart of an entire different race of vampire, not only that a weaker one. Other then their greater ability to use magic it would only give them purpose."

Vorador: "Exactly, becuase the gargolye believes that Kvana has some spell to cast. However, I want you to 'convince' the gargolye to kill Vertmor in an indirect way..."

Uma: "Vertmor? Why he is as loyal to you as a dog."

Vorador: "He's becoming quite too pesky lately. His brother will be killed shortly from now."

Uma: *laughs* "Oh, I see." *laughs* "Allow someone else to get rid of the wayward soul. what about information about Kvana?"

Vorador: "I'll deal with giving that information to the gargolye."

*Vorador crosses his arms and vanishes*

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