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*Garland and his 'child' arrive at the bar, then attack Kur an Sir'din*

Kur: "What the hell!? Master?! Sir'Qui?!"

Sir'din: "I don't so with the looks on their faces."

*Both ignite sabers.*

Garland: "Exactly..."

*Garland uses the force to pull the sabers from both of thier hands before pounching on Kur biting down on his neck in the most painfuly possible, keeping kur from retreaving his saber.*

Vamp Sir'Qui: "It's just you and me..."

*Vamp Sir'qui uses force speed to pounce on Sir'din.*


*Both Irvine are kept pre-occupied as they continue to sense where misae's location is, unware that RH Irvine's best friends are being turning into Vampires.*

*Both engines on the speeders putter, then stop almsot at the same time.*

WH Irvine: "****! Why don't they ever fill these things out with they let people rent them!?"

RH Irvine: "No idea, there is an Airfield somewhere near here, there must be another way of transportation there!"

*Both Irvine's jump from thier 'doomed' speeders and lands on a nearby building. After landing the two force jump onto a walkway. WH Irvine falls short, however RH Irvine grabs him and they land on the walkway. After WH Irvine stops panicing, the two begin to walk towards the airfield.*

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