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Sargadi VII

*Human colony planet, dark side streets of an innercity*

*A woman runs through an alleyway from a dark, hooded attacker*

Woman: Help! Help me!

*Her unnaturally fast pursuer catches her and grabs her from behind* Sorry dear. Help isn't coming. Only death!

*The attacker jerks the woman's head back and briefly lifts his face to a shaft of moonlight, revealing a demonic face with animal eyes and sharp fangs. The attacker sinks his fangs into the woman's neck. The woman stops struggling and slumps.

The being is interrupted by some footsteps coming up behind him in the alleyway. He drops the woman and turns to see a man dressed all in flowing black, hands in pockets, and a head of flowing lavender hair.*

Sakara: Well. I heard the First had taken up residence here, but I didn't think it would be populating the area with vampires already. I mean, it's hardly been days since the release.

*The vampire growls and sniffs, unsure how to react. Sakara doesn't smell human*

Sakara: Well, what can you do? Vampires will be vampires.

*The vampire makes up his mind and rushes at Sakara. Just before his hands touch him, Sakara shoots his hand out and connects it with the vampire's chest. Glowing red and orange energy billows around it. The vampire screams in agony*

Sakara: Ah, well. I'm not complaining. The more vampires, the more chaos. And as a bonus...I finally get to fulfill a promise.

*The vampire goes from screaming to gasping*

Sakara: I thought vampires didn't breath. What good do you think that will do?

*Sakara removes his hand from the vampire's chest. The vampire falls and explodes into dust with a final scream. Sakara is left holding a red orange ball of energy in his hand*

Sakara: One vampiric essence, on the way.

*Sakara fades out*


Jedi Temple

Misae: I don't sense anything...

Raschel: *nervously* I don't think you're sensing hard enough.

*Marin quietly begins to morph*

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