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((I didn't What, did Flax kill Kur?

Wow, doesn't Irvine even care how or why Kur was killed? He just wants to be friends with his murderers? Also I don't see why he thinks the Jedi would want to...ah, never mind. Not. My. Business.

But: Adopted parent? Then how does she has the same genetic disease? Those aren't quite like the flu...*sighs and chalks it up to Scar not knowing how to explain things*

(Unless it's just the caffeine that I need, and I don't have.)))


Rwos: Terisaan... Someone you know? Or...was there another made like you?


Kuat Space

*The amassed Imperial Loyalist fleet flies through space, standing ready. Starr and Tojo stand on the bridge of the flagship Titan to address the enormous fleet*

Starr: Today we will end this. Today we will avenge the deaths of Lord Cracken and his daughter Alys. Today we will crush the Separatists!

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