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Asgard Vingolf.

*Tyr stands at a podium addressing the trainees for the Einherjar.*

Tyr: Tomorrow you will embark upon a journey. It will not be easy. Then again if it was easy to attain then it would be not worth as much. The Valkyries have choosen you to join the ranks of the Einherjar. In six weeks time you will join the ranks of chosen warriors. Until then good luck.

*Tyr steps down. In unison the soldiers turn and board transports. The trainees were anxious to train and prove to themselves that the valkyries were right in selecting them*
Asgard Vidi

*Svafa finished changing and joined Vidar on a balcony. The sun was setting*

Svafa: Did fathers message state why we were sending help?

Vidar: Yes, some Fomorians have escaped Tartarus.

Svafa: And we are just sending such a small group?

Vidar: That is what father wanted. I assume they will only be assiting, and not actually investigating.

Svafa: I hope so. Six would not be a match for a group of Fomorians. Anything thing else?

Vidar: Of course little sister. Goll and six valkryies are investigating Vampires. They'll aid the Jedi for the time being. Out main objective is to test the Jedi. See if they are worthy.

Svafa: Finally you have an adequate test.

Vidar: I hope so. That is what Goll and the others are to find out.
Mag Mell

Gerd: *frightened and crying* They are coming for me. They are going to kill me.

Skadi: *rocking Gerd back and forth* No my child. You are safe. They cannot harm you anymore. Odin has made sure they cannot escape.

*thinking* If they ever did, god help those who would encounter them
Ulna Shardes

*A valkyrie slips into Ravan's room. And sends a message to Farran*

Death and destruction is coming to the seperatist. For keeping your word we tell you this now. We are watching
Coruscant: Scene of the last reported victim of Vampires

*The valkyries examine the scene. Nothing was very evident. Garm and Cerberus were sniffing the area trying to pick up scents of vampires. Under her helmet Goll smiles*
Space, where the CSII exploded

Beowulf: Any other lifesigns?

Officer: No sir. There are none.

Beowulf: Fine. Set course for Asgard, full speed.

*The two cloaked cruisers enter hyperspace heading for Asgard*

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