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1st: I did edit my post, i knew i shoudl ahve shown somemore emotion.

2nd: Your too damned impatient. besides other then a disease, theres no way i should explain why this Irvine has white hair. :P))


Sir'Qui: "Master, Do you think that Irvine can pull off such truce or even a treaty between us and the Republic? Shouldn't there have been sent a properly equiped ambassador?"

Chi: "I'm sure of it. I was counting on Irvine to show our Jedi, isn't eiter Dark nor Sith spawn. In fact it was my suddjestion to the council."

Sir'Qui: "But still, why does it have to be Irvine, Dintov could have taken his place, him being the more diplomatic type."

Chi: "It's becuase of his father that I wanted him to preform the duty."

Sir'Qui: "Irvine hasn't ever seen his father, or at least he doesn't remember him."

Chi: "Still, if his father can go up to the republic and offer a peace treaty, his son shouldn't be held in ther dark, especally when rumors can start if in any case that their family history might get in the way."

Sir'Qui: "Otherwise meaning,... That you want Irvine to be known ,and to show that he's compassionate before people might think he'll take the same path as his father did before Irvine, and his father did before him."

Chi: "Your learning. I should have focased a little more on that thinking when you were a padawan."

Sir'Qui: "What do you expect? You had to train seven of us."

Chi: "But you had more then one teacher. I was more of a direct supervisor."

*Sir'Qui laughs*

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