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Sorry guys, got a bit over-excited there!

Another thing to put in my list of things not to do when drunk:

'Don't post on public forums!'.
That's gone in right below abseiling and above carpentry!

Anyway, I wasn't trying to dis anybody's ability to reason out the nature of the force - sorry if it came across that way. Sure, you can analyse the movies and try and deduce from the evidence how the force really works - what's possible, and what isn't etc. You can come up with some fairly intelligent conculsions that way - as you have been doing.

My point, however, is that your trying to come up with scientific-like theories for a fictional concept! While it makes for an interesting discussion, no doubt, I don't think it actually helps you get to the bottom of what 'movie' realism actually is.

Put it this way - let's say in Ep.III, George decided that Jedi's need to do something that's never been seen before, maybe for the storyline or just to create a cool visual effect - whatever. Do you think he's going to spend hours pondering over some big force rule book he's written up to make sure it's possible to do or not?

Hell no!! He'll make the force do whatever he likes!

In short - trying to analyse the force like it's 'real' is not helping you maintain movie realism. Movie realism is whatever George happens to decide the Force can do in the films - period.

I'm not saying that's fact, I'm just saying that's my opinion on the matter...

I've give you a specific example of this actually. The 'movie realism' of the force changed quite drastically for me in Ep.I when George - I can only assume in some fit of madness - decided that the power of the force is directly tied to bunch of midi-chlorians!! I may not like it - I think it's one of the worst concepts EVER - but I have to accept that is now 'movie-realism'.
Whereas, before Ep.I came out - it wasn't...

As far as shields, the only time I've seen 'personal' shields is on those Destroyer droids in Ep.I and II. So I'd only have them in the game for players who were playing as those droids...

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