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Weheey! Feeling the love...!

Yes Razor, the LMS thing was one of the main things that stood in the way of the merge - I agree. But it wasn't the only thing. If LMS turn out to be literally the ONLY thing we had an option for, I did say I could have probably gone along with it. (Just about...)

But it was gonna be more than that - and you know that too. Our approches are quite different at the end of the day. It would have been near impossible to merge the concepts without many comrpomises - on both sides...

And please let me get one thing clear:
I have never said that the ideas I've had are better than other people's. All I've ever tried to do is explain, clearly and consisely why I'm taking the approach I am.

While we may disagree on, well, actually quite a lot it turns out - I TOTALLY respect the way in which your approching modding. Your thinking things out and your true to what YOU think makes a good game.

Kudos to both of us as far as I'm concerned...

This isn't a compertition guys. Were all modders doing this in our own free time. I'm not doing my mod so people will turn to me and say 'You've made a MUCH better mod than so-and-so'. I'm just trying to make a game that I will enjoy playing, and I hope some other people will too...

Alesh - could you post some more in the Movie Battles thread about the crashing your experiencing - any details about exactly what circumstances etc.
I don't want to be rude and discuss my mod in this forum...

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