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*Idun looks at Orthos's futile attempt to stop the statue. It finally took notice to Orthos's attack and began to fight back*

Idun: There has to be something that is animating these things. THe map pointed at the center of the temple. Perhaps it there.

Heimdall: It's worth a shot. Care to hand me your rilfe.

*Idun unslings her rifle and hands it to Heimdall. He takes aim and fires at a statue. It flies backs, slams into a wall and crumbles.*

Well it look like we.....

*Pieces of the broken statue begin to swirl then recombine. The completed statue begins to advance on the group again*

what the.

*Heimdall fires at the statue again. The same results happen, th statue shatters, recombines and comes at them again*

Idun: I don't think brute force will work here. We need to keep heading towards the center of the temple. If we stay we will eventually die.

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