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This thread is long and involved... but I only want to comment (nuterually) on the saber throw at the beginning.

The saber throw in JKII was not an all powerful offensive strike from the jedi gods. In SP if you faught a serious jedi opponent (shadowtrooper, Tavion, or Dessann) then you'd be a damn fool to throw your saber! They would knock it away and charge at your unarmed helpess ass. In MP if you threw your saber it was a givin that it would come back. But in SP you had to work for it a little.. which I think added a little spice to saber throw that made fool hardy to spam with. If that was carried over to MP I would bet that even in servers with saber throw turned on both fighters would think first before spamming it.

Razorace, I think the key to balancing a move like saber throw isn't just in the amount of damage is does. You have to ask questions such as "Does the move make the player vulnerable?", "How physically difficult is it for the player to pull off the move?", "How much warning does the opponent get that this attack is coming?", "How fair of a chance does he have of avoiding it or blocking it?" and so on. Raven didn't really think of these things when they edited the other special moves for the sabers. They simply made them do less damage.

So it goes.
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