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*Misae hacks at the statues with her lightsaber, having less success than Orthos, until she finally manages to cut a statue's hand off. Misae is surprised to see its hand reattach. Raschel fires at the statues with her blaster, also ineffectively.*

Marin: *from ahead of the group* <They're not fast enough to hit us, but they seem to be gaining speed as we head towards the center of the Temple. We'd better hurry for the center so we get a head start, while they're still slow.>

Guy: *scanner out* She's right. The magic readings are getting stronger in here...

Misae: What makes you think going to the center will do any good?

Marin: <The map indicates that is our path, and we have no place else to go. Coming?>

Misae: Well...who made you leader?

*Marin doesn't grace her with an answer*

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