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Xero ran with Deriun over to the other side of the ship. He looked around to spot anyone. He couldn't see anything. He saw Deriun look over to the left. Xero ran as fast as he could and climbed up a tree. It took him almost under a second to scale the tree. Xero was in his environment. He slowly unsheathed his sword and watched below. He now saw Deriun turn to look back at him, and saw the surprised look on his face. Xero picked a small nut from the tree and threw it at Deriun. It bounced off his head, and Deriun looked up quickly. He looked as if he were about to blast Xero. Xero quickly smiled and put a finger to his mouth, to signal Deriun not to say anything. Deriun nodded and looked back around the ship. Xero payed close attention to the area. He could see some footprints scattered around. The two Zabraks had been near here recently, and if they were lucky, they'd still be here.

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