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I know Alesh and Littleman have valid points about the nature of the force. As do you...

But only Kray has given me any credit for the point I'M trying to make - which is that analysing the inner workings of the force doesn't nessesarily help in determining what movie realism is.

Fine - you lot are right. I'll give up trying to convince any of you that this saber phantom thing should be at least theoretically possible.
You've written up your 500-point document which defines what the force can and can't do - by evidence seen from the films, quantum physics and all known eastern philosophies.
By the way, you might want to send that to George. God forbid he might break your laws in the next film...

My point is - that's not nessarily how you determine movie realism!

Just realised I've butted my head against the wall again!!
Damn it!

I'm off to duct-tap my skull back together and find a really strong helmet.
Till then, I really am calling it a day on this...

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