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I'm not trying to be an arse - honestly I'm not - but you are totally missing my point...

I didn't suggest the phantom saber thing because I thought it was a great gameplay idea. I NEVER want to see that - in my game, in MotF, or in any other game!

I came up with it to show you what I define as movie realism.

To me, movie realism is what is in the movies - full stop.

Even saber throw is too much for me 'movie-realism' wise. It doesn't matter that you can say 'it makes perfect sense - it should be possible'. To me, that's missing the point.

If I'm fighting a Jedi, and that Jedi keeps throwing his saber at me and pulling it back to him mid-flight, I'm thinking 'Hey - I never saw this in the movies!'
Full stop!

Again - and I can't stress this enough - I'm not saying my opinion is right, and yours is wrong. It just seems that no-one is actually getting what my opinion is. I don't give a rat's arse how the force works. I don't think I NEED to if I am to make sure a SW game is realistic to the movies - THAT'S my point!

If your opinion is that's not a valid point, shut up, your obviously not a REAL Star Wars fan - go away, then fine. Just say so. And then I'll give in and leave you guys to carry on mapping out 'The Properties of the Force' encyclopedia...

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