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Coruscant Jedi Temple

*Irvine is lead into the depths of the Temple.*

Flax: "Tell me young one, where do you go when you die?"

Irvine: "We get absorbed into the force, why?"

*They walk through a door into a high vaulted chamber. In the centre of the room is a bed, floating above the bed it Kur.*

Irvine: "Kurt!"

Flax: "Once he thought he was dead his defences went down, we have learned all we need to know about you."

Irvine: "Yes, I understand." *sighs* "I thought that he was dead too."

Flax: "The Jedi Council extends an offer for your people to join the Order."

Irvine: "The order!? Well, that was unexpected, honestly, my surperiors expected a more of a broader truce or treaty with the republic itself. I shall relay that offer to our own council."

Flax: "As to your friend, he'll be fine in a few hours, though he'll have the mother of all headaches."

*sweat beads form on Irvines forehead.*

Irvine: "Thank you, I apprechate it." 'It seems hot dow here.'


*Fused Irvine remebers about his Nano mechine installment.*

*listening from an other room, slightly muffled. He hears a specialist that had been called for this particular job.*

Ivan: *to Doctor* "I swear if this treatment or the information reguarding the use of this treatment on the kid is released, I'd kill you! He can't be known to anyone!"

Doctor: *startled* "Yes... I'll make sure it has been listed on someone who was a test subject, or someone whom is of lesser importence then the child there..."

((Think of the doctor's personality of the doctor from 'Enterprise'))

Ivan: "Tell me exactly how is this going to be injected?"

Doctor: "Oh heavans, no! It's more intravenous then injecting. We place the child in the device here, and it acts like a bacta tank. But it fulls it up with not only bacta but also the Nanomechines in question."

Ivan: "Okay. The bacta has the nanomechines. which the nanomechines are absorbed along with the batca."

Doctor: "Yes. However these nanos are garenteed for life, as long as the individual keeps a good diet. The nanos can repair just about any part of the childs body that is damaged by the disease. I have to remind you that these aren't garenteed for most every situation."

Ivan: "What do you mean by that?"

Doctor: "Well if there was anyway that the nanomechines were deactivated, which would be a hard way to preform seeing they are not preinstalled with a transmitter or reciever of any sort. But the only way I see that would deactivate the Nanomechines would be some sort of an immense electromagtic charge. But when this occurs that the Nanomechine would deactivate for a peroid of time before they can be operational again."

Ivan: "And which durign that time Irvine can be at risk of being injured?"

Doctor: "Unfortunately yes, in that case I have nothing else I can do. Maybe in a few years I could develop better technology to cure this disease. But this is the best technology I can offer."

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