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((NICE twist, BD. Although I think Admiral saw it coming. ))

Unnamed Planet (Gantry)

Rwos: *sword out* I guess that answers my question. *to Deac* I thought the Darkstar was banished to the lower planes...



*Ida appears in a flash of blue light in the building where Deac, the assassin, and the vampire had tangled. She holds another Blade by the arm, this one a woman with black hair and sharp, intense eyes. Unlike Ida and Rwos, this Blade wears only a tiny vestige of the axe-blade shaped mask; two half-blade tatoos around her left eye. Unlike Ida, she held no lightsword, but carried various decorated daggers and other weapons strapped to various parts of her body, including a moon shaped piece on the back of her right wrist. She dressed all in black, with a couple pieces of dark red colored jewelry*

Ida: It was here.

*The woman walks over to where the assassin had laid on the floor. She puts her hand down and rubs the dust on the floor*

Woman: Yes. A vampire definitely died here.

Ida: So I was right.

Woman: The plot thickens, indeed.

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