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*The fused Irvine ponders about his disease that he still carries. until...*

[flashback/chain of unexplainable thought: on the habitable moon in the coruscant system]

*A person on a cloak approches.*

???: "Hello My name is Sir'vin."

*A flash, this time the hood off, showing the person whom met up with fused Irvine before his death*

Sir'vin: "Hello, my name is Irvine."

*another flash, true face revealed of Irvine Cracken.*

Irvine: "Hello, My name is Irvine Cracken Palpatine."


*Fused Irvine snarls at that truth, his eyes change to a deep crimson. He knew it was true, someway, somehow, not knowing all the facts, it was true.*


Irvine: "Yes, that would be apprecated."

*Irvine walks over to the bed, then grabs one of the posts and hunches over while taking a gasp of air.*

*Irvine turns to look at Flax with an awe, as his iris' in his eyes lose their pigment. Irvine collapses.*

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