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RPG: The Forgotten Angels: "They walk among us..."

*Davin opens his eyes, and sits up from a bed. Bandaged, and awfully sore.*

*Jessica walks into the room.*

Jessica: "Oh, your awake. I was wondering when you would finally wake up."

Davin: "So how long?"

Jessica: "A week."

Davin: "Wow. I must have hit myself pretty hard."

Jessica: "Yeah, you did."

Davin: *noticing his bare back* "When did my wings 'retract'?"

Jessica: "About 3 days ago. I thought you would have woken up sooner when that happened."

Davin: *smirking* "Heh, well what can you expect from me anyway..."

Jessica: "I'm not sure anymore."

Davin: "So what happened with those National Guard?"

Jessica: "After they found out that you were a good guy, they seemed to let us alone. But the News reporters got quote annoying, I almost pulled a 'You' and pointed gun on them."

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