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((Oh yeah kinda forgot:
  • No godmodding
  • Bio in first post (excpt for those who were in the previous one (IE Prologue)
  • No controlling other characters
  • IF character is 'demon-like' they have to have abilities that would sound demonic

When on before:

A genetical 'cure' for most forms of biological weapons becomes its own weapon by infacting those whom have a certain gene in their DNA to cause them to mutate into versious 'races' of demon-like creatures.

I didn't take time for a large group of those infacted to band together and call them selves 'the forgotten angels', and start to stur panic and dissorder across the globe.

Unfortunately for them, the orignal infectant, Davin, defys the forgotten and goes after them single handedly, with help with his partner Jessica.

The forgotten got a hold of a federal bank in New York City. Davin attacks those responsible until he starts biting more then what he can chew. Other infectants try to help him, but only until the last one in the building had 'dissapeared' Davin was left unconscious for nearly a week due to the concussion and explosion from a grenade.))

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