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((Yes I did see it coming. My valkyries keep me well informed. *gives Valkyrie a cookie for the information*))


*Garm finally picks up the scent of Vampire. The wolf begins to drag the valkyrie along as he follows the trail. The valkyrie alerts Goll and soon the entire team is following Garm and Cerberus, who picked up the scent shortly after Garm.

After a couple of minutes of tracking they round a corner and stumble upon a Vampire feeding off another victim. Garm and Cerberus pull against their leashes*

Goll: There is one. Release them.

*The two valkyries that were handling Garm and Cerberus release. With a howl the two are off running at the Vampire. The valkyries in turn run after the dogs, caps billowing behind them*

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