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((Disclaimer: Part of this post was written by Admiral via the beauty of Instant Messenger. ))

*Rwos holds out his hand. A small sphere of glowing red energy shoots out of it and collides with Terisaan, pushing her off balance*

Rwos: Sith lord or no, attempting vengeance isn't going to solve anything!


*Hal hears a voice behind him*

Kvana: I agree. How about "Help?"

*Behind Hal, Kvana and two young vampires (one the former librarian) emerge from the shadows*

Kvana: Greetings, Jedi. Surprised you can't sense our presences?


*The vampire drops his victim at the sight of the Valkyries and snarls, in vamp-face. He sizes up the oncoming dogs, hisses, and turns to run.

Far above him, perched in the rooftop shadows, the new Blade watches.*

*Garm and Cerberus continue to pursue the Vampire. Barking as they went along. The Valkyries following close behind draw their swords. Reaching the victim two valkyries pause for a second. One decapitates the victims head. They then rejoin the others in the chase*

*The Blade watches with interest*

Vampire hunters. I wonder how much they know of what they're getting into...

*The vampire rounds a corner. When the Valkyries and the dogs round it after him, he is nowhere in sight. The alley is at a dead end, giving no evidence of an escape route.*

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