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*Coruscant, Jedi Temple depths*

*A set of people, one male one female, both with white auras. They are both not seen to the group. Irvine gasps for air, while seemingly everything below his neck is paralised.*

Woman: "The disease has more defiant over teh year inside the clone's body. Not only that it is at least twice the strength."

Man: "Irvine won't live very long."

Woman: "Damn that Spectar, everything he does since the least few hundred years we have to fix."

Man: "It comes with the job. The clone is now becoming more evil, I'll monitor that."

Woman: "I'll stay here."

*Man vanishes.*

Woman: "Aeges, allow me to interfere. It is not the time for this soul's body to die just yet. Allow me to save him!"


*Upper planes*

*Spectar has found himself in an interesting situation. He is surrounded by a large group of individuals also with a white aura surrounding them.*

Spectar: "I should have known that I'd step into this plane. But now I see that the 'Oricles of Light' Are nothing more then the 'heavenly' equivalent of the Spectures" *smiles*

The group: "We banish you from our plane of exsistence, we banish you into the depths of a plane far deeper then your own..."

*Spectar gets thrown down beyond the Spectural Realm.*


*Vertmor watches from above at the Jedi/Vampire fight, waiting for a sign. As he watches, a larger group of vampires awaiting to pounce get into position.*

*Vertmor whispers to Kvana: ((Whispering means its like sending a message throught telephathy, but is much hard to be heard by any other 'races')) Kvana, I have some of my children waiting, jsut incase those Jedi can become rather a hard opponent. I'll call them down if you need them.*

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