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((OOS: Scar, no making RH Irvine a god. *major alarms going off* ;p

How does the Spectar know it isn't RH Irvine's time to die?

Incidentally, it's extremely unlikely that the Spectar could have caused the disease in RH Irvine, so I don't know what you're talking about...))

Planet, Portal

Rwos: *scanning the portal with his mask* Wait. That portal isn't even to another's a gateway to another plane of this reality...

*Rwos jumps off the gantry, spreading his wings. He takes several ax-blade shaped explosives and hurls them at the portal's structure*


Coruscant, Alley

*Kvana whispers a reply* No. I need to teach these childer how to fight. If they are no match for these Jedi, I myself shall protect them.

*normal voice, to Hal* You wish to hide behind technology, do you? *Kvana takes out one of the books he'd stolen from the library and reads a line* Vinculum fulmen eradico.

*A burst of energy spirals outwards from Kvana and crashes into Hal's wall. Chains of lightning play across its surface, rapidly eating away at it. The wall overloads and disappears. The spell disappaites without touching Hal*

Kvana: Now we fight. *to his companions* Attack.

*The two vampires morph into game face and advance on the two Jedi*


Ulna Shardes

*Farran considers what to do. Suddenly his comlink buzzes, announcing an emergency Council meeting*

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