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((Scar we know what wishpering is [disclaimer]Redwing typed part of this post [/disclaimer]))

*The Valkyries pause at the dead end. Garm and Cerberus run up to a building stand on their hind legs and begin to bark. Goll assess the situation*

Goll: No way out, and the dogs are trying to jump up that building. This only means that we have a high jumper. Call the ship.

*Goll and three other Valkyries sheath their swords. Goll and two others remove their spears from their back and get ready. The third signals the ship.

The ship quickly arrives. Hovers a few feet off the walkway. 5 Valkyries jump onboard. As soon as their feet touch the deck the ship begins to rise. Goll and the other two Valkyries with spears at the ready stand on in the open hatch.*

*Above them, the vampire is on top of an apartment building. Designed like a very high step pyramid, the next apartment building began on the roof of the one below it. The vampire sees a window and heads over to it. It smashes the window with a rock and leaps into it...

And crashes into an invisible barrier and falls. Surprised, the vampire straightens up and tries to put his hand through the window. His hand is stopped by an invisible barrier, again.

Above him, the Blade smiles. Looks like the spell works even in a dimension without magic. Very interesting.

*The vampire gives up and jumps another level, three stories high. Its fingers catch onto the ledge and it pulls itself up*

*As the ship rises Goll sees the broken glass. *

Goll: He must of entered there. Bring us in

Valkryie: Wait, *she points to the feet of the vampire just as he pulls himself up*

Goll: Take us up quickly and close on the building.

*The ship rises quickly and comes closer to the building. Reaching the same level as the Vampire.*

Goll: The legs

*Goll and the two Valkyries throw their spears aiming that the Vampires legs. They then jump the relatively small gap between the building and the ship. Landing they draw their swords*

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