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((Disclaimer: The below written via Instant Messenger with Admiral. Saved space...kinda. ))

*The vampire leaps at the Valkyrie, snarling. The valkyrie standing in the middle guard stance (sword is held at an upward angle). Is surprised by the sudden lunge, but keeps her stance. The vampire pushes the sword aside as it leaps, cutting its hand in the process. It knocks the Valkyrie over.

The Valkyrie sweeps the vampire legs out from under him knocking him over. Giving her the chance to stand. She then pulls her dagger out and resumes her stance.

The vampire leaps to his feet and snarls. He begins to circle the Valkyrie, sizing her up, eye on her knife. Suddenly he picks up a box of glass bottles and hurls them at her. The Valkyrie side steps and at the same time does a side cut with her sword.

The vampire dodges the sword, still receiving a cut to his side. It doesn't faze him. The Valkryie follows up with a stab from the dagger to the vampires midsection. The vampire jumps backwards and grabs her knife hand.

The Valkyrie swings her sword at the Vampires arms. The vampire lets go of her knife hand and jumps out of the way of the sword, getting cut yet again, but avoiding losing his arms. The vampire snarls in pain, backing away. It picks up another crate of drinks and hurls them at the Valkyrie, then another, then another.

The valkyrie continues to dodge. This was reminding her of her training. She steadily approaches the vampire, and thrusts at his midsection.

This time the vampire takes the thrust, and grabs both the Valkyrie's arms in a vise-like grip. The sword pierces his stomach, and he roars again through his teeth. The Valkyrie moves the dagger up cutting into the Vampires arm. while giving a forceful kick to the vampire's knee. The vampire yelps again, tripping. It drags the Valkyrie down with him. The sword penatrates deeper into the vampire. The sword sticking through him, the vampire forcefully tries to bite the Valkyrie's neck. The edge of her helmet stops him, cutting his face.

The Valkyrie smiles under her helm. She uses the dagger to cut back and forth across one of his arms, she also turns the sword. The vampire forces her dagger hand away from him, hissing in pain again. He twists her wrist, trying to break it. The valkyrie begins moving the sword destroying more of the vampires interiors. She rotates her other wrist, and moves the dagger into an ice pick hold, once again bringing it to bear againt the vampire.

The vampire viciously head-butts the Valkyrie, knocking her head away, then jumps off her, retreating to a safe distance and clutching his stomach.

The Valkyrie feels nothing, her helmet protecting her. Getting up she approaches the vampire. She doesn't make a sound.

The vampire notices a metal rack next to him. He grabs it and pulls it apart, snapping bolts and leaving glass bottles to smash all over the floor. Now using a long piece of rack as a weapon, he comes at the Valkyrie again, slower this time.

The valkyrie holds her postion. Measuring her opponent.

The vampire sizes up his opponent, looking for weaknesses. In the dark light, with vampire sight, he could still see that her entire body was covered in armor. There was only...

With superhuman speed, the vampire hurls the metal rack bar at the Valkyrie's right eye.

The Valkyrie barely manages to dodge the projectile. It clips the side of the helment cause a scratch. She whips her dagger at the Vampire's neck.

The dagger impales the vampire's neck. He yelps in pain and gasps for air. He reaches up and yanks the dagger out. Blood pours from the wound. The vampire stares at the Valkyrie with intense hatred, trying to speak but spitting blood instead.

The valkyrie moves in fornt of the only exit. and bring her sword ready to decapitate the vampire.

The vampire lifts a bar like a weapon and rushes at the Valkyrie.

The valkyrie parries the bar, and cuts at the vampires head beheading him.

The vampire explodes into dust, clothes and all dissolving. The bar falls to the ground with a clatter.

A voice speaks behind the Valkyrie*

Woman: A newly sired vampire. No more than a few days old. That should have gone quicker.

*The Valkyrie collects her weapons. Ignoring the woman and leaves the back room*

*The woman looks at the bloody weapons* Fencing isn't going to kill a vampire. Unless you're going to chop its head off, metal can get pointless. Are you going to ask me what I'm talking about or just rudely walk away?

*The Valkyrie doesn't speak and joins her comrades who were now waiting outside the nightclub*

Woman: Guess that's a yes. *walks in the opposite direction* Their funeral. *pauses* Damn my conscience... *follows the Valkyrie, exiting the club*

Goll: Do not presume to know what we were doing. *Garm and Cerberus begin to growl as soon as they see the blade* Ah, it seems we have a vampire. How interesting.

Woman: You're hunting vampires. *Garm and Cerberus growl* It doesn't get more obvious. So I guess you'd better take me down, huh?

Goll: A vampire that wants to kill it's own kind. very interesting. Your arrogance at attempting to teach us almost says Blade.

*The woman grins* It does seem rather puzzling, doesn't it? However, the fact that you're wiling to believe I want to help you tells me just how little you really know about vampires.

Goll: On the contrary. This fact tells me that you are not a true vampire. The fact that you presume to know what we are doing tells me you have no idea who we are.

Woman: You are awfully trusting that I am not attempting to make friends with the amateur vampire hunters with the objective of taking them all out before they get any wiser.

Goll: *laughs* Fine have it your way. Unleash the dogs, they look hungry.

*The woman stands and waits for the dogs. The valkyries unleash Garm and Cerberus, they approach the woman like true preditors. Circling her.

The woman looks at the three-headed Cerebrus curiously. She lashes out with her foot and kicks Garm in the head, knocking it several feet away into the nightclub wall. It falls to the ground, stunned*

Woman: *moprhing into vampire game face* Lesson one: Vampires have unnatural strength.

*Garm gets up eyeing his prey and begins to charge. At the same time Cerberus grabs at the woman's coat with two of his heads and her leg with the other one. The woman leaps high into the air above Cerberus, too high for Garm to leap at her. Cerberus locks his jaws around her legs prevanting her from escaping.*

Goll: Do you wish to tell us who you are are shall we just shoot you in the head?

Woman: You only needed to ask, but as I recall you didn't want to. My name is Gilian, or Anelya. Pick one. *looks at Cerberus* If I was a true vampire, as you say, I would have killed your dog by now. However as it stands I'll just ask you to tell it to let go of me.

Goll: If you were a real vampire, you would be dead. Who are your allegiances with?

*Cerberus releases the woman and knocks her off of him*

*the woman lands on her feet like a cat* You are very confident. That can be good at first, but it may eventually get you killed. My allegiances are with myself.

Goll: Care to tell the truth. The last person who lied to me ended up in four separate pieces.

Woman: I'm sure. Perhaps you might tell me why you are taking up vampire hunting? It would also be nice if you know where these vampires came from, because this is definitely a new thing for this planet.

Goll: Answer my question with hoenty and maybe I'll answer yours.

Woman: It's rude to pry. I get to do it because I'm interested in keeping you alive.

Goll: It's rude to lie. Don't answer and you die.

Woman: Or I could just stand here and say "Neener neener neener." That was fun back in kindergarten, when bullies asked for my lunch money and I beat the crap out of them.

*Goll says nothing waiting for an answer*

*The two stare at each other*

Goll: Fine. Target her head and kill her. *to the woman* By refusing to tell the truth, then everything you say is in questin and cannot be trusted. This is your last chance.

Woman: Ah, very well. Then I amend my words to say "I'm not going to tell you."

Goll: Fine, then leave this dimension Blade. If you return without our permission you will be killed.

Woman: What's a Blade?

Goll: You are a terrible liar. For that offense we should begin hunting you down now. I'll have to check but I believe Ida and Termand Rwos are in this dimension. You have just sentenced them to their deaths.

Woman: You're very creative with your threats. But you aren't a very good liar yourself. And you still haven't told me what a "Blade" is.

Goll: Fine. Blades are inept arrogant people who are not allowed to be in this dimension. Except you already knew that. Oh, I'm not lying. If you could actully read people you would know that I'm very serious.

Woman: I can smell your emotions. Beats reading lying facial expressions. *motions to her own face, still morphed in demonic game face* Now. I think that you don't really believe that what you're claiming will come to pass. Nor do I think it matters. If you want to refuse my help, say so. But if you refuse, the first time you run into a "real" master vampire...your funeral.

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