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((OOS: Scar, no making RH Irvine a god. *major alarms going off* ;p

How does the Spectar know it isn't RH Irvine's time to die?

Incidentally, it's extremely unlikely that the Spectar could have caused the disease in RH Irvine, so I don't know what you're talking about...))

((NO I wasnt planning on making RH Irvien a god. Far from it. Jsut to 'save' his life.

No Spectar Has nothing to do with RH Irvine. It was events the led up Fused Irvine really turning evil, if not craynor had anything to do with it

No, WH Irvine had gotten the disease some time during his childhood, and it was a cloning defect that it was able to spread to those who have a genetical weakness to the disease. Hence RH Irvine would have contracted it by simpley being around the Fused version of WH Irvine. (because WH Irvine was never 'cured' but had nanomechines that regenerated his body when ever the disease harmed places in his body. Unfortunately both the nanos and the disease returned when both WH Irvine and Elder Irvine were 'resurrected')))

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