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Coruscant Alley

Kvana: You perhaps do not understand my magic.

*Second vampire* His sword burns!

Kvana: Never touch a Jedi's weapon! *narrows his eyes at Hal's weapon* It is a cross. It will burn your flesh. *to Hal* This magic is neutral. It can touch anything the wielder wills it to. Also I can see you have heard of us...


Coruscant Street

Woman: I can see we aren't off to a good start. *morphs back to human face and smiles* Perhaps if we meet another time...

*The woman leaps backwards to the top of the nightclub* Incidentally: Fire, sunlight, beheading, wood through the heart. Silver's worth a try. Never turn your back; they don't need to breathe or make any noise. Strength, speed, agility, all the senses that matter - better than human.

*A red, open hover-glider flies to her side*


Ulna Shardes

*Farran enters the Council meeting to find everyone else rushing to their seats*

Jun Tarl: Our spies have just transmitted this image to us...

*A holoimage appears in the middle of the table, dated several hours ago and labeled Kuat Space. The image is of an immense Imperial Loyalist armada, big enough to make the eyes of even the former admirals sitting round the table goggle*

Tarl: They are en route now, along the Hydian Way. They are coming here.

Beron Ghenn: Our fleet isn't ready for this...

*Another Councilman* We have nothing that can stand against that after the Crimson Star II incident...

*Farran narrows his eyes*

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