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Already have the most up-to-date drivers installed on my rig - Athlon XP 1800 + Abit NF7-S NForce2 + GeForce2 GTS - and still getting that OGL error. Any other ideas?

EDIT: Fixed it. My problem apparently is that I was running the Nvidia Nforce2 drivers, but not the 41.09 Detonator drivers. The Nforce2 drivers recognized my GF2 GTS in the Display Control Panel, but must not have included the OGL support like the Detonators do. I just took a wild guess and installed the 41.09 Detonator drivers on top of the Nforce2 drivers, and that got it working. I didn't uninstall the Nforce2 drivers, despite being warned by the Detonator Setup program that could cause problems, I just installed Detonator right on top of Nforce2. No problems yet, and the game works.

Hope this is helpful to others.

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