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Name:Mobius Berreta.
Home Planet:Tatooine.
Relativesesiderato Berreta=Brother
Matrix Berreta=Father.
BackRound:The destruction of the old republic,many jedi fell to the infamous Darth Vader.Many,also fled such as Matrix Berreta,A renegade Jedi under Plo koon's devision,his wife Katrina Berreta,soon to die but leave another life.5 years have passed as the rebellion started to form and The young life onced carried in his mother's whome had been born.He was very skillfull,Dark and had a strong arrogance about him.After witnessing his father die to Lord Vader,Mobius took up the life as a thug/thief.
Over his years he trained with the lightsaber perfecting his stance,controll and capability,untill he was able to learn the force.
All is not what it seemed,Mobius learnt the force but betrayed his friends to teach and outcast by the name of Stenro Anvs,His best friend and apprentice in darktimes.
Eventually Stenro Destroyed Mobius,Leaving his brother,whom knew about Mobius,but not known by him,in a depressional state,and a life of hunt.
Mobius was ressurected and recruited the clan known as WaR....but was destroyed not too long ago,in 2 ambushes.
Mobius Goes by the name of O/l WaR Makaveli now,and hardley ever mentions his past.

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