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The other day I discovered (Jedi difficulty) that a group of Rebels armed only with E-11's can take down an AT-ST all by themselves!

Didn't realize they were that weak... even in JK1, they were blaster-proof. Heh. They're still cool looking though!

Don't feel bad about the antenna thing, I didn't realize it either when I fought him, in fact I didn't even consider it until I saw my brother play the game and saw that it matches the antennae next to each of the shield pipes.

When I played, I just destroyed the pipes from below with saber throw, without bothering to see there were two parts to each one!

As to sniper dodging, I tried using Speed, but it doesn't work (just based on luck). You never get Seeing in SP (even with SetForceAll 6) so either it was a weird bug or some yet unknown cheat code or mod you were using. ; )

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