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*Idun, shoots the statue that was closing on Heimdall, shattering it's head. With in seconds the head rematerializes. The other statues farther from the center take a little longer, but in the end all become whole and continue to fight the group.

Idun, keeps firing at the statue near Heimdall. Hoping to prevant the statue from reaching Heimdall.

Heimdall continue to advance, his muscles tiring from the strain of working against the wind.*

Heimdall: I'm almost there, just a little farther.

Idun: Good, since I'm running low on ammo.

*Heimdall reaches out for the box, his fingers brush the side. With a final effort he grabs a side of the box. Pulling it out of the center of the vortex. Suddenly the wind dies down and Heimdall slams into the floor. A second later a shockwave from the disipating Vortex pushes Heimdall against a wall. The shockwave also covers the entire group with the blood that was in the vortex.

The Statues did not cease to move but continued to fight the group. They were now moving much slower then they were just a minute ago*

Idun: This isn't good.

*She once again shoots the same statue she had be firing at. Once again the head shatters. However, this time the statue doesn't rematerialize instead it crumbles over.

Idun, looks down at her rilfe, that was it she was out of ammo. She moves towards Heimdall to see if he was alright.*

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