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*Each of the vampiric versions of RH Irvines closest friends ignite lightsabers*

RH Irvine: "What the hell!?"

WH Irvine: *igniting the only good lightsaber he has* "These guys aren't you buds anymore..."

Shaskra: *with ignited yellow lightfoils* "Yummy, two for the price of one..." *laughs evily*

Sir'Din: "Heh heh heh, Its not too late to surrender."

Sir'Qui: "Espcally to your friends..."

Sir'Tok: "Your allies..."

Kur: "You 'family'..."

Garland: "Everything that was once ment to you..."

RH Irvine: "No..."

*Sir'tok (wielding a double-ended saber (red)), and Sir'Qui jump and flip into the air, then runs towards WH Irvine.*

WH Irvine: *shouting* "If your not going to help... Give me your saber!"

*RH Irvine, begins to hand it over and give up, but retracts it at the last second, and ignites it.*

RH Irvine: "Friends or not. I have a duty." 'I'm sorry...'

*Shaskra and Kur jump at RH Irvine. WH Irvine parrys attacks and barely manages to use his single saber to defend himself. RH Irvine agments himself with the force to help defending himself. the rest whom aren't fighting smirk at the situation.*

*WH Irvine finally cuts a break and swings at Sir'qui, whom bursts into dust. Sir'zot (wielding a normal Lightsaber (green)) quickly replaces Sir'qui. WH Irvine takes the opertunity by force pulling Sir'Qui's saber.*

*Shaskra and Sir'zot quickly switch places, in an attempt to confuse the two defending Jedi, as they are both being pushed nearer and nearer to ledges of the building. RH Irvine doesn't get confused, rather he slices Kur's arm off, then his head, bursting him into dust as well. Sir'din/Dinctov replaces Kur.*

*WH Irvine shows some more difficulty, but it able to control the situation alot better with two lightsabers, a bit short of a 'cheap shot' he kills Sir'tok leaving him with only Shaskra to deal with... While at the same time RH Irvine tearfully kills off Sir'zot. Then eventually Dinctov.*

RH Irvine: 'Again, I'm sorry...'

*WH Irvine and Sharkra are in a lock up, both pushing agnest each other. They both look like they are struggling, but really they are holding back, to play with their oppponent...*

Shaskra: "Ha! I'm a vampire, I have so much added strength along with the force..."

*Shaskra pushs WH Irvine almost without effort towards the edge, that drops off into the abyss-like world of coruscant.* ((okay sounded dumb to me, but the best i could think of, trying to sound interesting))

Wh Irvine: "Maybe I should perhaps play my hand...*

*WH Irvine uses his learned techinque of amplifing his muscles to push agnest the vampire, thus overpowering the fledgling. WH Irvine shovers her away and thrusts with a saber into her heart, she bursts into dust.*

*This left Garland alone...*

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