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Arina X'Hiari, a young girl in her early twenties late teens, eyes the men near the ship from the safety of the foliage. She is wearing an earthen brown weather cloak, her head uncovered, and black boots and gloves. She has her face wrapped in a bright yellow cloth mask and wears a bright yellow long shirt/skirt and a black belt with a great vibro-sword clipped and in a sheath, along with some other equipment in pouches on hanging from clips.

She stands around 5'7" and is rather slim. Her gentle,
(I guess curvy, too... But not stunning. More like a REALLY cute girl. ) features peer out at the strangers from her hiding place, brushing shoulder length brown hair from her soft, deep green eyes. She holds perfectly still in the humid mists of Dathomir.

*Arina gets an odd feeling from these men, and feels she should learn more about them before taking any unnecessary action.*

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