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Originally posted by morshem
WTF? I didn't know about Toto!
Neither did I, or about Bowlsley's "Can I help you!?" craziness. Gotta try it out!

I agree, GF is the funniest game I've ever played:
"Hey kiddles, check out my bone saw!"

Also, ask them if they have a gun, it's the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life! It's too long to post now...
Then again, why not? lol
DON'T look if you haven't seen it, it'd totally ruin it for you, it's so funny when they say it!


Manny: Say, does any of you kids happen to have a gun?
Boy: Yeah we do, so stick 'em up!
Girl: He doesn't have one, he's such a lier!
Boy:Yeah, well your'e stupid!
Girl: Your'e light bulbs don't work!
Your'e lightbulbs all smell like boogers!
Haha, nobody thinks your'e funny anymore!
Well everybody in this room is smarter than you!
Everybody except you!
That's cause I'm especcialy smarter than you!
In your dreams!
In your baby bed that's all wet cause you wet in it...
Shut up!
I said shut up!
No, no really, I have to sleep with an umbrella down here!
Yeah well at least I never asked Meche to marry me!
Ohh, Miss Colomar, your'e so pretty, will you marry me?
I never said that!
Oooh, Miss Colomar.........
Stupid Beany Beaby bed-wetter!
Pugsy the Bugsy Lies like a rugsy!
Manny: Will you two just shut up!

:P so funny!

Also, when Meche is in the safe:
"Oh Raoul, I am so so sorry"
"Manny, I knew you would... Why is that door closed!?"
"I, uh, err, it was the only way I could eh, the wind?"
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