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*As the group dispatches the last of the statues, Heimdall stands*

Heimdall *to self*: ouch.

*He looks down at the box, the lid is slightly ajar. Opening the box, he saw a piece of a blade. It was broken at each ends and had a central fuller.*

Heimdall: How interesting.

Idun: Are you alright?

Heimdall: Just a little sore, otherwise I'm fine. You?

Idun: I'm fine. Anything in the box?

Heimdall: A piece of a blade. The box was either unlocked or was locked and became unlocked when I grabed it. I would like to ask that man at the airfield a couple of questions. *Noticing the blood on Idun* You probably should clean yourself up.

*Idun, and Heimdall join the others near the entrance at the door.*

Heimdall: I have the box, shall we see if the map has changed? *Turning to Hal* You my friend have a choice to make and one that you must make now. You can either join us or leave. The only thing I'll tell you now is that the fate of this galaxy rest upon what we are doing.

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