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"Put that crazy blade away! No room in here for that kind of thing!"

"Look at these poor saps! Smiles as bride and wide like the blade of my scythe. Soon I'll be coming for them."

"It's a fear of death. It makes the monsters of us all. Boo! Scaring the living is technically against the rules, but we all do it. If I scare them to death, then it'll become a customer. But I get nailed by the rip-off some more. Psst, it's me... death... I'll see you soon. Okay? I know that you can't hear me, but try to feel what I'm about to say deep down in your soul. Don't eat the gazpacho."

Manny in the land of the living.

"Soon to be known as the blown wagon."
"Hey, thats not funny!"
Manny & Glottis

"Not again! Will they never learn?"
"It was the little guy. I saw him!"
"Achh! And he denied the last time!"

"Who are you guys?"
"We are mechanics! Same as he! But we never before seen a demon like ours so... SO LARGE!"
The gremlins and Manny

"I knew you would change her m... What?! Who are you?!?"
"I'm the grim..."
Hector & Manny

Manny: Hah! "Bust-all", my ass!

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