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Heimdall: If the location is a problem for you then you can stay in the ship.

Two thing are certain. One, whoever built or owned a building is meaningless. Take the temple. It was built and owned by the Jedi, yet we were not safe here, in fact we could very well have died here.

Two: What we face in that tower will be worse then what we faced here. We can also assume that magic will be invloved.

Raschel, when we get to the ship I'll give you a better weapon, than those blasters.

Idun *to Marin*: Blood was most likely used to give the statues life. Blood has many mystical properties to it.

*Heimdall, looking at the map. The towers were on the other side of the world, to reach there they would have to fly over the airfield where all of this started. This was good, they could stop there and perhaps get more answers from that man.

Heimdall and Idun walk to the ship and in. Heimdall goes to the bridge setting the Autopilot. Idun cleans herself up*

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