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RH Irvine: *To Garland, pissed* "CHI! YOUR NOT MY FORMER MASTER!"

Garland: *jumps towards The Irvines, lightsaber ignited* "Of course I'm not. My name is Garland Mrear. I'm a vampire, those were my childred you two killed..."

WH Irvine: "Well your 'children' obviously have to clue how to wield the force properly, theymust have lost alot of memory when you did what ever you have done to them..."

RH Irvine: "I'm not going to let you leave here."

Garland: "Ha. True my children couldn't comprehend fully the ways of the force becuase their memories of when they were human were lost. However the memories of your master, are mostly intact."

???: "And your not using them agenst anyone!"

*Garland appears to be punched on the face by an unseen force, and falls over.*

Garland: "What the?"

RH Irvine: *smiling* "Master..."

*A ghostly form of chi is barely seen. He stands vigalant.*

Chi: "Thats was body. I don't know how you have it vampire. But your not going to use it!"

RH Irvine: "Master, I'm not afraid."

Chi: "Fine then. Your training with my guidence will be completed once you defeat him." *disappears*

WH Irvine: "You weren't finished?"

RH Irvine: "News to me..." *Prepares himself.*

Chi: *via the force, only herad by RH Irvine* "Stay clam, remember your training... Farewell."

*RH Irvine sheads a tear. And charges Garland, whom swings his lightsaber, but hits nothing, while RH Irvine parries to his right-angled turn in a fast spin, then turning to jump approx 15 feet directly behind Garland, and charges from behind.

Garland is caught offguard at the attack, and jumps to barely dodge the attack.
WH Irvine saw only but a very fast blur, not really aware what really happened, he keeps to the side.

RH Irvine stops on a dime 5 feet from where garland was and backflips up and backwards to garland, who was rebounding. Garland swings and lightsabers clash. RH Irvine lands facing away from garland, while garland force speeds an attack.

RH Irvine spin attacks and defends agesnt the high speed attack, both Garland and Irvine are locked up. Garland gives an evil grin, showning his vampiric teeth, RH Irvine jumps back, Garland is thrown off balence and nearly trips, while RH Irvine force throws his lightsaber into Garlands chest.

Garland looks at RH Irvine with a 'helpless' look before he bursts into dust.*

RH Irvine: *falls to his knees* "What have I done..."

WH Irvine: "Cheer up! I couldn't even see what happened until that last shot." *picks up the remaining lightsabers, and finds one with a blue crystal inside.* "I'll just replace this one with the one that broke on me..."

RH Irvine: "Those were my friends I killed, almost family. I can understand Master Chi barely helping. But the others, it seems that they haven't been absorbed into the force... Thats so dishonorable to Jedi, not to be absorbed and not being evil."

WH Irvine: "Wow, tough call, I can't say anythign about it. I just started learning. I'm lucky I can even fight good with this thing, I must be a natural."

RH Irvine: "Your obviously aren't getting the seriousness of what happened."

WH Irvine: "I know, we killed those who were very close to you. But isn't thinking in the negitive a bad thing to the order?"

RH Irvine: *Stands furiously* "THERE IS NO ORDER! NOTHING LEFT! THERES ONLY ONE PLANET LEFT IN OUR FACTIONS SYSTEM, AND THERE'S NO TEMPLE ON THERE!" *calming down* "The only Jedi Temple left in this section of the galaxy is the one on this planet, and it's in ruins."

*The two become quiet. RH Irvine stares at his clone, while the clone tilts his head down and thinks about how the situation 'sucks'.*

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