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OCC: Okay im just making theses two NPC's FTM.

Thew Nope, why don't you slice her open. Deriun and me will go check the perimeter

Hearing voices from the other side of the ship Cyn reacted.

Cyn Allright boys, keep the arms where I can see them and turn around. The Zabrak with the sword looked like he would resist but a glance from him partner obviously changed his mind. Both Humanoids, arms behind there heads turned there back to the Twielk, who happened to be training a blaster on them. "Just keep your hands up and walk," the trio started a slow walk forward around the ship, three others stood nearby, one with a tourch a human, another human leaning over to talk to him. the third was a Devorian, who at the same moments was turned towards the trio a rather large looking firearm in his hands.

Cyn The man leaning over, was dressed in full battle armor, but she had seen it enough to know the Occupant.
"Thew? Thew Ryder is that you?"

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