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Post I declare Flarestar to be sacred territory

Flarestar is now sacred ground. Any n00bs, mostly ppl from the swamp should vacate the area or suffer the ultimate punishment... (we'll get Rogue Nine to do strange and kinky things to you... it won't be pleasant) These grounds are now for those who have been in Aresen for A LONG time however we do make a couple of exceptions (Like Leemu, he's a good guy)... If I catch a n00b in here there'll be hell to pay I hope we can get all the old regs in here, make this our little forum away from Downtime... and revive Flarestar. So it's time to renovate! This place is a little run down, we need to buy new bar stools, tables and clean this place up, get rid of the spiderwebs... bleah, and open a window it's too damn dark in here

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