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((We've been over this. Memories and intellect are not contained in blood but in brainwaves. And life force only contains, well, life.

Also, forgive me but I have never before heard of a vampire being able to suck out people's memories along with their blood...))


Raschel: If you say so... *to Heimdall* Would it be alright if I stopped by my home as well? We don't know if we'll be coming back here again...

Marin: I think we're forgetting something...the man who told us about the paths available for us to take. He said he would remain where he was whenever we needed to find him...perhaps we should talk to him again.

*The others follow into the ship, looking for something to wash the blood that had drenched their bodies and clothes off*

((BD, speak up ))


Lowest of the dimensional planes

*Sakara blinks into existence. He looks around to get oriented and discovers that he is upside down. He rotates in midair till his feet point towards the ground hundreds of feet below*

Sakara: Ah, the lowest pits of hell. In this dimension, at least. Well! Time to check up on an old friend...

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