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Davin: "Not sure, he sounded forgain when he spoke. He was interesting, he was the same type as I am, the winged onces..."

Jes: "What did he talk about? I didn't have the earphones on at thats time."

[Davin's flashback]

???: "You have no clue what could happen to you. It all depends how you put the basis on your life..."

Davin: "What?"


Davin: *lying* "Nothing important. The usual rantings."

Jes: "The 'usual'?"

[Davin's flashback]

???: "Choose hope instead of dispair, redemption might be in your grasp. Choose dispair, you might lead us all into damnation."


*Davin continues to pretend like what was told to him by the strange person didnt effect him.*

Davin: "You know, just the foolish ramblings of a Forgotten, thinking they are more important then others."

Jes: "Oh, well, that would be typical from what I have heard from the ones over the earphones..."

???: "Damnation or Prosperity!"

Davin: *to Xander* "Any more to your story 'chief'?"


*A dark room, barely lit. A small group of individuals sit at a long table, kept far enough apart that no member could make out who else was sitting there. Ironically the only one who didn't have this effect on, was the winged individual from the bank. Everyone but him was speaking in different languages.*

1???: *translated from German* "So what happend at the Bank mission?"

Winged Man: *Speaking english* "He proved to be a difficult adversary. I let him go."

2???: *translated from Russian* "He's a threat to us, that mission was ment to lure him out so that we could kill him. And you let him go."

Winged Man: "Why should I have? First for such a 'threat' you didn't pay me enough to finish him off."

5???: *English* "WHAT! WE PAID YOU PLENTY!"

Winged Man: "Not anymore." *Throws a suitcase onto the table* "Money has no use to me anymore, now that I'm like this. It would take an awful alot to get me interested in anything."

4???: *translated from German* "We should kill you now becuase we let you even know where this meeting hall is..."

Winged Man: "It'll take alot more then five or even ten Davins to kill me... Why should I be threatened?"

2???: *Translated from russian* "Becuase Davin's is more like a pesky American flee that has been itching our backsides. He must be squashed!"

Winged man: *while leaving* "You don't know insects very well, you people find him an annoyance. Maybe you should think alot more broader then that... Ta."

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