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Heh sorry if I rant too much . Just seen through Kray San Gin's ideas (sry if I spelt your name wrong ). Here are my ideas, given thru inspiration from his (credit goes to you dude )

- More defense by having player put saber in front of face, instead of holding it by side

- Dodge more accurate ie. when saber hits stomach portion, player bends and dodges backwards. When saber hits head, player does a matrix-like dodge backwards. I like the idea of a style of dodge whereby when you get hit on the head, you automatically crouch. When swung at the legs, you will jump (a short height) automatically. Remember Episode 1? The last scene when Obi-wan fights Maul (I'm not a fan of the first few episodes though, only the later ones after Luke comes in)

- I'm not really very concerned with saber throw, so...just stop the saber throwing whores

- Maybe you guys could improve the saber trails, they don't seem to movie-like

- Red's totally out of the movie...

- I think blue and yellow is still good. Perhaps you guys could modify them to be more balanced on defense and offense. Like what razorace had in mind, this system called "Backwards attack" or whatever you call it, which allows "animations to playback" (quote from Razorace )

- Kill the wait between changing stances eg. you can perform blue and yellow moves without intervals

- Chain the moves infinitely. They would rock eg. when Luke hits Vader with a 10-hit combo, Vader reflects back and does an 8-hit

- I feel yellow and blue should be slower, if to be true to the movie. Not slow to the extent of red though, maybe just slower by 5-10%, depending on how you guys want it

- A new stance with the moves of you guys' choices would be sweet

- Player will block the enemy's attack accurately by moving his hand (that's what made SinglePlayer rock. The Reborns were smarter than the multiplayer players: at least they could raise their hands above their heads when Kyle was striking them from above )

- Have an option for admins to decide whether they want kick or not
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