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Originally posted by DeTRiTiC-iQ
Well character generation is a fundamental to the classic CRPG as KotOR is slated to be. Additionally the screenshots of the saber combat look similar to the KotOR screenshots, inclusion of dual-lightsabers. The ability to choose "quests/missions" but having to follow the general path. Being able to choose a light or dark path. Greatly expanded force power list. Non-hostile characters during levels.

Now these similarities aren't unique to KotOR, but the fact that there are so many is quite interesting.

Oh and nobody expects KotOR combat to be like the movies, its a real-time turn-based CRPG for crying out loud. Like Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate 2 (most enjoyable game ever), Planescape Torment etc. You point, you click, you use force when necessary, its quite simple.

[Edit: Final Fantasy is a completely different kind of game to what KotOR is set to be]
Definately. This is an intelligent way to analyze the matter. Take notes dooku.

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