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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
It is real, I've seen pics and acording to an article, the game is 60% complete
So? Its an article. Articles can be April fools jokes.

Originally posted by master_thomas
I think it's real.

They do screenshots of what looks like a rancor and a jawa, the player customization menus, and other new features. Many pictures.
There was a Rancor in Mysteries of the Sith. For Raven and their programmers and graphic designers, it would be an easy task to fix up the environment around it.

Originally posted by master_thomas
Besides, they aren't stupid. Imagine how much trouble they would get into if this was a hoax. The forums were slowed by the impouring posts and threads. Why would they go through all this trouble for an April Fool's joke.
Why would they get in trouble? Its their partnership for the games and LucasArts hasn't said anything against it so they wouldnt get in trouble. Although it would make many people angry at them.

And why would they get in trouble because this forum was slowed down?

April Fools jokes by companies have been known to be elaborate. Patch 1.1 for Diablo 2 was SAID to come out last April 1st but it was all an April Fools joke by Blizzard.
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