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I think its pretty obvious that when someone reffers to realism and light sabers they mean sabers that look like the ones in the movies.

I mean, if JK3 had 5 foot thick, 2 foot long sabers, and someone said they didn't look realistic enough than you'd say that since you've never seen a saber in real life than the misshapen light sabers are prefectly fine?

Personally I agree with the original poster... I think alot of things seem to be more similar between JK3 and KotoR then JO and KotoR. Still, being very differet genres and all makes them hard to be too much alike.

Also, I think that the sabers seen in the new JK3 pictures are too fat. Especially the double edged sabers. In Star Wars EP: 1 I seem to recall Maul have a double bladed saber with loooong slender beams and a faint red glow. In the new screen shots the sabers seem short and fat... With a too dominant glow outside the blade (too dark).

JO kind of had the same problem with sabers in my opinion, though it didn't ever bother me that much. But I hope it gets improved before release.
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