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Doesnt anyone remember a couple months ago that survey that was sent around from raven and LEC asking what we wanted to see in jk3? Or how about the fact that several months ago, Raven mentioned that they were working on JK3 still using the modified Q3A engine. And that they were considering having someone else as the main character instead of Kyle. From what I have seen so far, many of the features of JK3 were the most popular requests on the survey, such as making Kyle an npc, having different hilts and including dual sabers and lightstaffs. and of course alot of people clicked on the answer for incorporating some RPG like elements into it. This is the real deal and as a digital artist I can tell you that these pics are not doctored and are not of JK2 with a mod. it is REAL. Also the 60% complete is very possible. Raven should have no problem getting JK3 done so fast because they are building on JK2. With JK2, they had to modify the engine before they could start building. they had whole lot more to do in various other aspects as well. but since JK3 is using JK2 as a foundation, all they really have to do is implement the new features, code and models. Basicaly you could say JK3 is just a mod on a very massive scale. And since they have a team that works on it constantly and they get paid to do it, the game gets done fast, unlike some of these insufferable fanmade TCs that seem to NEVER get completed. so I will say it again. IT IS REAL DANG IT!!!

I just looked into the news. Activision accidentaly made it known during thier Quarterly Earnings conference call. they passingly mentioned that a sequel to JK2 was in the works and is expected out sometime between April 2003 and March-2004. So it is official. JK3 is real!!!

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