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I guess you're right, Kurgan, about the lightsabers in the movies. I had forgotten how much they changed from movie to movie. Still, I would personally say that I liked the way sabers looked in ESB and EP1 the best. Both had a long, thin, white blades with a fainter glow around the edges; especially for the red sabers. I didn't particularly care for the big fat green lightsaber that luke had.

Ofcourse I won't complain once I actually get to PLAY the game. It's only a small detail, but one that I wish would change (BTW, I think KotoRs light sabers look much worse then JOs).

And I agree with acdfanbill (sorry if I got your name wrong ); he is right; JKIII would be far more like JKI then KotoR.

I really hope they include the 'exhaustingly' long levels as someone below put it. My favorite thing about JK1's levels was that, with the exception of a few levels, that most of the time you're going FORWARD. In JKII the levels weren't really THAT big. You just had really slow progress, and had to go back to the same area alot of times. That would be truely amazing if they could actually make the levels as long as JKIs, with the same speed and all.
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